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Vakuumguss (VG)

Vacuum Casting (VC) – Pilot Series

  • Vacuum casting electrical device
    Material: diverse PU resins
    Part size: 290 x 210 x 160 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 15 days
    Application: Electronics
  • vacuum casting - toys
    Material: FIT 40-68A + FIT PU 61
    Part size: 150 x 150 x 62 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 9 days
    Application: Toys
  • vacuum casting electronic device
    Material: diverse VG materials
    Part size: 140 x 120 x 70 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 22 days
    Application: Electronics
  • vacuum casting cable ducts
    Material: FIT 40-62A
    Part size: 350 x 60x 65mm
    Delivery time: approx. 8 days
    Application: Automotive

Vacuum Casting parts are made from polyurethane and can already reproduce specified characteristics of the later series production materials. There is a large number of different materials regarding colors, rigidity, and grades available. The parts are of medium accuracy, which makes them suitable for a lot of applications.


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