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Feinguss (FG)

Investment Casting

  • Investment casting
    Material: FIT Brass
    Part size: 55 x 32 x 18 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 9 days
    Application: Automotive
  • Investment casting
    Material: FIT Zamak
    Part size: 190 x 80 x 28 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 8 days
    Application: Electronics
  • investment casting
    Material: FIT Aluminum
    Part size: 270 x 120 x 80 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 8 days
    Application: Tool building
  • Investment Casting
    Material: FIT Aluminum
    Part size: 650 x 90 x 70 mm
    Delivery time: approx. 10 days
    Application: Automotive

Investment Casting produces metal parts by building, forming, and burning out a mold for every single cast. These parts feature limited accuracy without finishing, but we can provide a rich variety of conventional finishing techniques to meet your requirements.


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